Carefully crafted software to break down barriers and reduce costs

Gartner Research predicts that more than 65 percent of enterprises will adopt IoT products by the year 2020.

ITA enables organizations to do more with IoT, by leveraging our IT Telecom and Managed Services expertise to help you build and deploy smarter products and solutions, creating value innovation to help organizations generate higher profits, competitive advantages through innovation, and increased operational efficiency.

Focused on diverse markets with a strategic direction


Our itDelivers platform provides Intelligent response for profitable order fulfillment powered by centralized, real-time cloud services. Grow and sustain your base with an enhanced customer experience that excels beyond user friendly.


ITA’s automation intelligence enables organizations and municipalities to achieve significant cost savings by efficiently designing, implementing and monitoring several different automated facility functions and building controls


Our White Glove Service is the perfect complement for the hospitality industry’s number one priority, delivered from creative teams that understand the value of quality service. ITA’s value added services result in higher levels of productivity while reducing the cost of doing business.


Our expertise in supporting the relationship between carriers and transportation providers results in an increase in passenger customer service and employee performance levels.


Budget constraints in education create challenges in the education sector. Reduce costs by achieving greater efficiencies and less downtime through device and billing analysis, custom software solutions, application integration and data management.


Achieve greater workforce collaboration from customized software solutions optimized for your organization and based on your strategy and operations.