Supply Chain Management Development & Implementation

The itDelivers platform provides a better managed system of speed, organization, accuracy, and time-to-delivery for customer order fulfillment. The power of access to real-time information can also strengthen B2B relationships with well-coordinated efforts, creating a win-win situation for all links in the chain. Optimization of the supply chain is key to improving performance, resulting in a competitive advantage, lower costs, happy internal and external customers, and higher profits.

Managed Custom Software Consulting & Development

Our development workflow includes discovery of a preliminary view of opportunity and likely approach for data capture, synthesis of all available information into the customer solutions blueprint, customization of service offerings, and design of the solution. Fine tune your daily operations with a system streamlined to save time, manpower, and resources. Let us help you determine how a custom solution can benefit your organization.


Data Center Architecture Management

Implementation of ITA's managed services suite with up to 24/7 Tier 1 Call Center support includes management of critical components through redundancy, recovery and the customer satisfaction review process. Cloud-based tools and infrastructure allow for centralized management, whether physical equipment is housed in one location or distributed geographically for redundancy and optimized content delivery.

Telecom and Technology Staff Augmentation

The key to success of our Staffing Methodology is "simplicity and flexibility" to respond to the rapidly changing business environment in the competitive global landscape. ITA is positioned for long term success through meeting the human capital needs of organizations without exceeding budget constraints. Save on labor costs without compromising on quality. The perfect compliment to your existing infrastructure, outsourcing with ITA fills voids with experienced staff right where you need them.


This is the beginning of a harmonizing partnership.

ITA simplifies so you can lead your organization with innovative and effective IT solutions, efficient service, and confidence. Our promise is to be an innovative solutions firm with our eye on the customer & its future, which will require us to have seasoned and highly-skilled team members.