The profitable order fulfillment solution

ITA's custom software, iTDelivers™, provides secure, real time order fulfillment and encrypted cloud based solutions for government & enterprise customers by enhancing value through standardized business process automation.

Below is a list of the modules that helps better serve these industries.

Order Fulfillment Software (OFS)

Feature rich software platform that enables complete transparency of the order fulfillment process through a suite of real-time web-enabled tools.

Support Team Application (STA)

Enhanced platform feature that provides real-time governance for review and approval processes to ensure that order conversions meet quality assurance and accuracy standards of the platform and its business users.

Provider Team Dashboard (PTD)

Enables reporting features based on proprietary algorithms that allow access to sales and product information, reporting of data and metadata metrics for system resources and users, full search engine features, import and export reporting capabilities, along with recorded performance values for sales volumes and scorecard statistics.

Customer Order Portal (COP)

Provides direct, secure customer access for customers to submit order requests using traditional communication methods of direct messaging (within the system), instant message (chat), indirect document uploads using standard formatting (i.e., CSV, EXL) and logic algorithms to parse specific and non-specific data sets.

Application Administration Portal (AAP)

An intuitively secure administration interface for user authentication that allows for ordering review and approval. The portal is flexible for customers to apply basic stylistic and brand design changes to match the desired aesthetics of a custom front-end customer portal.

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